What is Heat not burn

What are Heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco products
  • Heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco is a kind of tobacco product. Aerosol containing nicotine and other chemicals for users to consume is generated through an electronic device by heating up (rather than combusting) a tobacco stick with a high temperature of about 350℃.

  • Same as traditional cigarettes, tobacco is the main ingredient of HNB tobacco products. As such, these products contain nicotine and could be addictive.

  • Since HNB tobacco is a tobacco product, selling to minors is an offense. Related legislation should comply on sale and use.

  • HNB tobacco products are being marketed as trendy and less harmful. The tobacco industry uses different names from traditional cigarettes to reduce the public’s awareness of their harms and attract youngsters to use.

Health risks
  • Tobacco companies claim that HNB tobacco products release fewer toxins and are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. COSH believes such a claim is a promotion tactic, which aims to downplay the health risks associated with smoking.

  • DO NOT try HNB tobacco products. The long-term health effects of any tobacco products should not be underestimated, despite the limited empirical studies towards HNB tobacco products at the present stage.

  • According to World Health Organization (WHO), all forms of tobacco use are harmful, including HNB tobacco products. Tobacco is inherently toxic and contains carcinogens even in its natural form.

  • Some of the toxins and carcinogens do not have a safe level and harm human health.

  • Currently, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that reduced exposure to these chemicals translates to reduced risk in humans, as well as on the potential health effects of secondhand smoke from HNB tobacco products.

  • European research found that HNB tobacco contains chemicals commonly found in traditional cigarettes, including nicotine, the volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide (CO), and carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Regulations in various countries
  • Regulations towards HNB tobacco products vary among countries. A number of countries regulate tobacco products under the framework of existing tobacco control legislation.

  • Some countries and regions (e.g. Singapore and Macau) implement a ban on the sale and promotion of HNB tobacco products.

  • WHO recommends that HNB tobacco products should be subject to the policy and regulatory measures applied to all other tobacco products.

  • To prevent the use of HNB tobacco products and the potential health risks associated with their secondhand smoke, as well as to prevent HNB products from being a gateway to youth smoking, COSH suggests implementing a ban on HNB tobacco products as soon as possible.

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