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ID Creative Design

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To make design innovation more effective and targeted, clearly understand design requirements, determine product planning and target audience direction.

After multiple rounds of brainstorming, sketches are generated, 3D modeling is carried out after internal review, PPT is generated after internal review again, and delivered to customers for proposal. Finally, the high-value, high-experience and high-expected product effects presented to customers. The overall series analysis of the design color, material and process of the product design through CMF engineering is to deal with the details of the product to meet the high standard requirements of cost, material and production process. 

Product Structure Design

Focus on product integrity and implementability, and strive to achieve the unity of form and shape under the existing production conditions. The structural design not only considers the convenience of processing and installation, but also cares about the device’s maintenance of the user's daily use.

The key point of structural design is to optimize the assembly method of products, ensure good appearance and control product cost, and consider structural innovation from a multi-dimensional direction, reflect product differentiation, and provide guarantee for the completion of products.

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Product Function Definition

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Based on the simulation of user usage scenarios, it provides product function definitions, and develops and produces corresponding electronic circuits at the same time. Software and hardware development and testing, functional prototype development and debugging and other overall solutions. Information architecture and process analysis, prototype layout and scene simulation, user experience and interaction research.

Complete Packaging Solutions

We provide complete packaging solutions to create the ideal value for you.

1. Reduce the total cost of the supply chain

Reduce the total cost of the supply chain by optimizing packaging.

2. Use the most suitable material

Based on the study of various material properties and rich application experience, we can customize the most suitable packaging solutions for various products.

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