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HiTaste R10 HNB compatible with IQOS, LIL stick

Short Description:

HiTaste R10 HNB is heated tobacco device, which is suitable for IQOS HEETS, Fiit sticks in Korea, Marlboro HeatSticks and most herbal HeatSticks on the market.

Philip Morris International, has already introduced its heated tobacco product, IQOS, in many countries and marketed it on the grounds that it is a less harmful alternative to health. The company claims that its intention is for its brand’s traditional cigarette smokers to replace these with IQOS has rarely been independently tested.

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HiTaste R10 HNB compatible with IQOS, LIL stick (10)

HiTaste R10 HNB is different from IQOS's blade heating, HiTaste R10 uses the same pin heating method as LIL. Pin heating not only has the advantages of fast heating and reduced smoking waiting time, but also has the advantages of convenient cleaning and not easy to break the pin.

HiTaste R10 HNB compatible with IQOS, LIL stick (11)

Hitaste R10 is the 2021 latest HNB Device in September with Adjustable Temperature and Smoking Time, -Its appearance design is fashionable and beautiful, small and convenient to carry. -With OLED HD display, you can see the data of each function clearly. It has automatic cleaning function. It is a very intelligent dry flue-cured tobacco equipment.The R10 has added the function of smoking pause, the cover has been modified and upgraded, and the performance has been optimized according to the shortcomings of the device before. When you turn off it, it will say "goodbye" to you. This is a new type of heating and non combustion equipment, which is very worthy of your possession and use.

Hitaste R10 Specifications:

1. Net weight: 98g

2. OLED screen

3. Battery capacity: built-in 2600mah

4. Charging interface: Type-C

5. Charging time: 1.5 hour

6. Warm-up time: 15 seconds

7. Tobacco Sticks: Marlboro/HEETS

8. Smoke time: 180-360 seconds

9. Full charge: support 50pcs tobacco sticks

HiTaste R10 HNB compatible with IQOS, LIL stick (12)

Vape is still a young and growing market, at least for the past few years. And the most importantly, vape is an excellent and one of the most effective alternatives to tobacco. However, the illegal marketplace deals and the products of varying quality due to ambiguous policies and overly aggressive biases have led to significant resistance and loss of access to better choices for smokers who want to take the first step towards quitting.

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